REEL TORINO, born as company name in 1981 but active since 1979, operates as a professional in industrial electronics field in order to offer a complete line of instrumentation panel and a series of complementary accessories. Taking advantage of a highly qualified technical staff and optimizing the performance of company resources at all levels of the organization, REEL TORINO is able to solve complex problems by offering the Customer products and technologically advanced projects.
The guideline that characterizes the technological and organizational development is a streamlined and flexible structure aiming at customer satisfaction with reliable products and services, all together with technical support in face of the product definition in relation to the end use.

  • low cost instrumentation for industrial use mass produced
  • high-tech instrumentation for industrial use mass produced
  • software and hardware customization for the problems in order to conform them to the user's specifications
  • accessories (incremental encoders, temperature probes, power supplies, control panel printers, application softwares)
  • counters (mono and bidirectional)
  • tachometer (frequency meters, tachometers, counters, production counters)
  • process and temperature regulators
  • indicators (voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, thermometers)
  • timers
  • interface units (converters, counters, busfield generators)
  • recorders stand alone